Video lectures

Rhetorical triangle (week of May 7)

Critical perspective (Week of May 14)

McLuhan (week of May 21)

‘Ghost in the Shell’ movie (week of May 28)

China (week of June 4)

Concealment and revelation (week of June 11)

— Video: “Collateral Murder” (watch either version)

Information sources (week of June 18)

Hacking (week of June 25)

News Literacy (week of July 2)

Varieties of Information Sources and #Revolution  (July 2)


Navigating the library:


Memes in Politics, Venezuela Can social media really change the world?  (July 9)

‘The Yes Men fix the World’ (video: 1 hour, 36 minutes)

Yes Men interviews: BBC, part 1 / BBC, part 2

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