Readings – October


Week of Oct. 1

Edward Snowden, Whistle Blower (New York Times)

Download (PDF, 844KB)

GCHQ tried to track Web visits of ‘every visible user on Internet’ (ArsTechnica)

Edward Snowden: Leaks that exposed US spy programme (BBC News)


Week of Oct. 8

How to teach news literacy when the government is watching (Columbia Journalism Review)

How to establish a media diet (Columbia Journalism Review)

News literacy is not optional if you need to be well-informed (New York Times)

This is what it’s like to read fake news for two weeks (Politico)

Inside the Macedonian fake-news complex (Wired)

How to spot fake news (

For the new yellow journalists (The Washington Post)

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How fake news goes viral: a case study (New York Times)

Thesis statement presentation with examples, and final essay assignment

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– Final essay (capstone) requirements:

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Week of Oct. 15

Go to the following link:

Students should review the following FIU Library Tutorials:
    • Navigating the Library
    • The Research Journey
    • Subjects & Resources

Follow all the links and read them carefully!

Week of Oct. 22

Yes Med Bhopal legacy (The Harvard Crimson)

Yes Men: hoax of the Times (fake newspaper)

Download (PDF, 9.73MB)

New York Mag’s boy genius investor made it all up (The Observer)

Week of Oct. 22

Perhaps a revolution is not what we need

How Social Media Helps Black Lives Matter to Fight the Power

Social Media, Political Change and Human Rights (PDF online)

@Riot: Self-Organized, Hyper-Network Revolts — Coming to a city near You

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Week of Oct. 29

Good Copy, Bad Copy (video)

Free culture (Read introduction, pages 1-13)

Download (PDF, 2.43MB)

Copyright basics (read pages 1-7)

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