Assignment 7: Fake News — team project



  • The assignment should be 500-750  words long. This is a creative effort, so don’t lock yourself into the typical academic format. You’re writing fake news, so do everything you can to make it look real.
  • Make sure to take advantage of the multimedia features of WordPress. Just as you did with the McLuhan and Ghost assignments, embed images and other elements that make your page look real.
  • Follow instructions below on how to edit your team post. A blank post has been created for each team that everyone on the team can access. You’ll find it in the Pending Review area. It starts with the words “Fake News:” followed by “Team” and your team number. If you can’t find it, email Professor Soto at
  • Write at the bottom what each person contributed to the post. Here’s an example:

Andrea Lewis-Pearson: Research, concept development, editing
Haytham Al-Rabeah: Story and headline
Alfred Soto: Page design, images

Download (PDF, 74KB)