Assignment 3: ‘Ghost’

Ghost in the Shell


  • The assignment should be about 1,500 words long. You will need that to answer all questions in the four-part assignment. Remember to cite (give credit) to any quotes or specific information you use. Try to use MLA format, but don’t be overly concerned with things like margins or spacing.
  • Make sure to take advantage of the multimedia features of WordPress. Just as you did with the McLuhan assignment, embed videos, images and links to web sites.
  • Follow instructions below on how to edit your team post. A blank post has been created for each team that everyone on the team can access.
  • Write at the bottom what each person contributed to the post. Here’s an example:

Allan Wilson: Answers 1 & 2, section editing to eliminate duplication, visual at top
Haytham Al-Rabeah: Answer 3, editing for content and grammar, video insertion
Alfred Soto: Answer 4a, page design, text formatting for uniformity

Download (PDF, 179KB)


Download (PDF, 102KB)