Assignment 5: Secret

Michael Acosta

Lying about a secret is something that can damage the way some people behave. Being tasked with keeping an event a secret can surely make these people become angry, anxious, or careless. If this is the case, it should never be overlooked because there could be some serious destruction happening to them. I learned this after I was tasked with keeping an event a secret since there was a chance it can hurt my fathers reputation.

There was an incident where I was driving back home from a party with my mom and dad. My dad was intoxicated and there were many moments in that drive home that could of resulted with his death. To name one, he had opened the car door as I was on the highway, going at a speed of around 50mph. Luckily, I was able to stop quick enough before he had fallen out. This surely made me anxious and afraid enough to stop driving. Yet, there was a bit anger on top of this. Never had I experienced something so idiotic and reckless. A part of me never wanted to be near my dad again because of all the anger that I had built up from that night.

My mom told me to not tell the family about this event because she knows that my dad really is a great guy and normally never drinks alcohol. With this in mind, the dangers of holding in a secret like this became present. My facial expressions always portrayed me as an angry individual if I was near my dad. Every time one of my family members saw me, they would ask whats happening and this is where I started to lie and say that there was nothing wrong. Each lie just started to build up the anger and anxiety, which practically destroyed me as a person. I started to notice that I would be angry even why my dad wasn’t near me. Just know that the relationship between my father and I was dwindling down to nothing because of this.

But then one day I learned that I wasn’t alone. My dad sat me down and told me that he felt a sense of guilt every time he had to lie whenever one of our family members asked why I looked angry. He understood why I was angry and it was easy to tell that he regrets that night from ever happening. It was slowly tearing him up each time he lied about why I looked angry. A thought like this never ran by my mind and that became the first time in a while that I sympathized with my father. After this our relationship went back to normal and I stopped being so aggressive towards the world.

You answered a couple of questions and touched on a couple of assigned elements, but you didn’t fully use them to analyze the event.


In personal experiences, there was a time where a secret was so important that I should not share it. The most important secret that I held was when a friend had the answers to a high school pre-calculus test and got them by stealing it off the teacher’s desk. This was different than the ordinary gossip that flooded the halls in high school, this was a matter of expulsion. When one of your friends confines in you with something that can ruin their educational career, it makes you feel like your relationship is strengthened by loyalty. I never was angry at him for telling me, I just kept on with my business and his too. Awkward sentence. I would prefer to lie in the teacher’s face than to have the guilt of having one of my friends leaving due to my big mouth. Did this secret compromise your moral principals? Was there ever a sense of conflict? Analyse. I wouldn’t say that this experience made us feel empowered, but it did strengthen our relationship, to the point that we became closer than ever in a matter of a week. If there was anyone that wanted to know this secret I would just give them false information in the hopes that it would take them away from me. For instance, the pre-calculus teacher realized her grading key was missing after everyone had turned in the test, and she was asking everyone in the class if they had seen it or if someone had taken it. I was unfortunate enough to be within her radius, so I was the first person she had asked, my reply was most likely the janitor threw it away accidentally. Awkward sentence. It was as if my reply to her was built on the anxiety I would have if I snitched on my friend. Awkward sentence. She ended up believing it was misplaced by a janitor.  I know that my decision to lie to the teacher’s face can be seen as wrong, but I personally rather lie than to have a friend get in trouble, I just didn’t want that on my conscious for the rest of my life.
Secrets do not require a lie but sometimes in order to protect that secret, you need to lie. Now that I graduated I am free to talk about this because it cannot affect me. Till this day talking to my friend we laugh at how he got away with.  At the time it did put some pressure on me, I became very paranoid and thought every person knew that my friend had taken these answers. I calmed down after the test we took was completed and the teacher eventually forgot about the entire thing. It was in a sense a burden, I didn’t need the extra stress, but I put up with it to keep a great friendship alive. It felt good to be trusted with vital information if I so much as hinted the truth it would destroy the entire relationship that was built over the years. I didn’t want anybody having that leverage over my friend, so anybody that tried to find out information I let them in a different direction. Not by telling them a lie but guiding these people o look somewhere else. Awkward writing.

There are some good observations, but the writing is awkward.

48 Hours of Solitude

Alejandro Corelli

On these days to be 48 hours disconnected from the news is not that easy like people usually think. Convoluted sentence.  Nowadays people never stop looking at their cellphone, and I consider myself as one of them. It is harder when you are from a country where issues and several occurrences happen every single day. That is something that made me be always looking for news every time of the day, and I personally found that being like this like what? is not the right thing after this assignment.

Feelings of despair and anxiety were going on during these 48 hours. I was disconnected of all kind of news. It is hard to do it because even if you don’t open any newspaper app or other news apps in your cell phone, notifications can appear in your phone or a friend might call you to tell you something. I told everybody not to tell me news and also, I deactivated all my notifications of all my news apps. I felt despair when I was not receiving any good or bad news from Venezuela. It was driving me crazy because I knew nothing about everything. All my friends were collaborating with this correctly. I was trying to ask them, and they did not say anything.

After asking everyone and none of them responded I was entering in the part of the anxiety. The anxiety I was running was insane. I am a person who is seeking news about everything every day, soccer, events, everything that is happening I try to know about it. During these 48 hours, I knew nothing, and I decided to do different things other than thinking about what was going on in the world.

Those things I started doing were not that bad. I am a person who exercises a lot, but I spend so much time on my cell phone when I am not working out.  I started working out more than using my cell phone, and I felt better because I was relaxed without news. Sometimes news is stressing stressful simply because not all of them are good. All the news I read they are never good because in Venezuela the only thing we have is terrible news and misfortunes every single day. I also started doing other things such as cleaning the whole house, reading books and listening to music. By the time you do those things instead of being stressed out or anxious waiting to get your news back I started to reflect on so many things.

Having so much time for news and events takes a lot of time from us that are very important such as thinking and relaxing our mind for a period. Exercising more and looking less for news is an excellent way to relax our mind. I did not believe that because since the day I have a cell phone I haven’t done something like this. The first 10 hours is horrible because you are doing something unusual since you have a cell phone. After those hours I cleared my mind, and I started doing everything I said above, and the anxiety and the despair went away. I would not do again and in that extreme way but I will do it for fewer hours. Thanks to this assignment I found out that it is a lie that laying down and looking up your cellphone relaxes your mind. Dedicating more time to you is what does relaxes you more than anything.

Rhetorical Analysis


Label your thesis.

In the op-ed article “Why Our Memory Fails Us” by Chabris and Simons, the rhetorical triangle is used in order to establish legitimacy in their claims and to prove their point. They use come instances of pathos, but primarily rely on logos and ethos to further their claims.

An appeal to pathos is briefly used by bringing up an event like the 9/11 terrorist attacks, which not only stirs up emotion in people and makes them pay attention, but highlights how one of the memory lapses they are discussing can occur even during one of the most historic events during one of the most historic events in recent history. Neil Degrasse Tyson is cited as having one of the aforementioned memory lapses involving a speech made by President Bush shortly after the attacks.

The article however, makes their strongest argument using ethos and logos. Ethos is used by mentioning an expert panel of scientists from the National Academy of Sciences, as well as information on a paper that was published by two cognitive psychologists on the topic of memory. This serves as a way to show the audience that their argument is not only being put forth by them, but also by others who are highly credible in their field (Ethos is about the authors’ credibility, not others’. You’re so close, though, because they are both psychologists, and one of them was on the panel — that is ethos.) Alongside this, logos is used to provide the actual research and statistics to accompany each of the scientists and psychologists mentioned, in order to not just give credibility to their article, but also to the sources and their results.

Lastly, the tone used through the article by the authors seems to be a very informative tone but with a sense of urgency as to what they are explaining. It is for the most part, a non-bias tone as well.

Pretty good, but you’re missing the part about the comments. Missing thesis

Posts need to be categorized by team and coach to be graded. Next one will not be graded this late. 

Blackout Assignment

Carmella Jimenez

This is terrible in some sense, because responsible citizens read or watch the news, but I tend to avoid it at all costs. It feels depressing and hopeless to read every single day everything that is wrong with the world, when I have already lost all faith in the government and humanity in general, and identify as borderline-nihilist. Maybe I will look up a movie review or check the weather, but the entire premise of this assignment was not a huge shift for me.
I stayed grounded to the areas of my life I deemed as “News.”Clarify. I called and texted close friends. I spent a day with one. Sentence fragment. I watched a movie made in the 80s. The primary difference between my life with the news and my life without the news was solely in mental awareness. If I had read up on politics or global conflict, maybe I would have thought about it some more throughout the day, but this awareness generally makes little to no difference in my day-to-day life. I have also been off of Instagram, my only social media account, since April, so I didn’t miss out on much.
I thoroughly enjoyed reading “The End of Solitude,” because he so beautifully articulated the common effects of my generation’s attachment to technology. McLuhan’s work of “The medium is the message,” continued itself through these writings. We learn to abhor loneliness and solitude, boredom and idleness. Distinguish between boredom and idleness; loneliness and solitude. The differences William Deresiewicz provided in his writings between the TV generation and millenials now marked more similarities than I realized, since both tend to use social media and television together. Netflix is a giant in my generation, and the abhorrence of boredom is just as prevalent in my generation as an abhorrence of loneliness. I sit on a bus for a large chunk of my week, and very few people, including myself, are comfortable enough to even look out a window for an extended period of time, unless maybe they have headphones in. Analyse this. Awkward writing.  He mentioned my hunch that technology is making all of us ADD as we’re hardwired to skim and process quickly.
When Deresiewicz mentioned the beloved solitude of the saint and the poet, one to connect with God, the other to nature– I found myself happily distant from many of the problems he spoke of as epidemic to my generation. I love to write poetry. Introspection is my bestie. I love Jesus too, and a huge chunk of my life in the past two years has been spent looking inward, trying to gain self-awareness, letting him search me and bring out my real motives, learning to hear him speak. I do something called a daily inventory, though not on a daily basis, where I literally write out what I did and point out the good and the bad, and pray about what seems fuzzy or confusing. I value “being still” before God and am drawn to quiet corners of libraries where I’d pay if I have to, to untangle the mess of three-lane traffic that goes on in my head all day long. This life of intentional introversion is very different from shallow social interaction and isolation. Good. 
I know what it feels like to sit on the other end of a social media screen, see my peers a million miles away in friendships even they fake their way through most of the time, and simultaneously wish I could look as perfectly engineered as them. Awkward sentence. A big pattern of my daily life I’ve been shy to mention was that in the beginning of 2017 I started a recovery program, and a huge part of getting better was learning to be honest and stay in contact with others. I understood the isolation mentioned in “The End of Solitude,” because I know what it’s like to have 500 notifications on my phone and not one friend who knew me intimately. I am so grateful that I while I don’t have a lot of social media followers, I have friends who encourage and listen to me, and who don’t flinch at the darkest parts of who I am. Good. 
This assignment did not alter my lifestyle much. I try to take the time to tend to what I am actually willing to change. I wholeheartedly believe news is a necessary intrusion to solitude, otherwise no authority would have accountability, no problem would get resolved, no people would change for the better. Writing needs to be consolidated.  I believe I take it for granted, and should learn to better value its presence in my daily life. I don’t believe it forces us to think for ourselves, because I tend to only see the side I have read about in the news beside my personal experience.News is necessary though, because without it, I’d be relying solely on my personal experience, which isn’t much. I had a teacher who stayed up all night worrying about Donald Trump’s goings on in The White House and where this country would end up. I don’t believe in worrying about what I can’t control. In that, I think there should be boundaries from person to person to know how much news they can handle in a day. This whole section needed to be consolidated.

Writing needs to be more concise and focused. This essay is significantly over word count. Some of the observations and analysis is good. Work on making the analysis more precise and to the point. Congratulations on your recovery.

48 Hour Blackout Assignment

Throughout the duration of my 48 hour black out it was difficult for me and I had to change my daily habits because I am a huge sports fan and love to keep up with everything sports related. Awkward sentence.  A big thing that happened during my blackout was when NBA player Kawhi Leonard’s interview where he started laughing went viral. People began to create memes and I heard it being played everywhere and kept being asked if I saw the video. I experienced some of the solitude’s that were mentioned with one being about the girl that sends a text message every ten minutes.What solitude?  Explain further and mention Deresiewicz.   With me being a very social person I am always in contact with multiple people throughout the day and it’s for many different reasons and when I decided to go quiet some people thought that something was bothering me or I was sick. Awkward run-on sentence.  Instead of me going on social media and using my phone, during my black out I decided to use that time to complete my homework, do my laundry, clean my room and go food shopping. I found myself to sleeping a lot during the process to kill time. as well. The article Name the article. mentioned how ten years ago we were writing emails at a desktop and now we are able to send messages and post things in a second and I believe that it has been instilled in us.Give analysis. So many people have a phone and companies know that therefore they are pushing mobile ads and using every social media site out there to grow their audience. The longer we live the more advanced technology is going to get and there is going to come a point in time where nobody will be able to say that they lived in the era before cell phones and the internet existed world wide like it does right now. Awkward run-on sentence. Nobody really focuses on anything in life until it is taken away from them and that is when they start to see how granted they took it for. Awkward writing. It’s so common and modern that you cannot go anywhere without seeing or hearing about social media or any news. Tie this in with Deresiewicz. Cell phones have them, our car radios have them, televisions have them, FIU gym even has televisions that play the news and sports all the time so it’s hard to escape. Give analysis.  I honestly found my life to become different during the process because you can lose your identity behind the internet lifestyle and it doesn’t mean anything and during the process I was able to find out more about myself and how much of a poison that social media is to me. Awkward run-on sentence. 

Analysis is weak. Deresiewicz is alluded to once, but never directly mentioned. Giving a personal account of the 48 hour blackout with analytical reference to the Derssiewiz article is central to the assignment. Also, the concept of celebrity is never mentioned. Writing is in need of improvement.


Layra Gonzalez

During the interview for the playboy magazine, the interviewer assumes that television itself is a primarily visual medium. Mcluhan shuts down the assumption and assures him that, although it’s a common mistake, television is the opposite of that. Due to low quality, television required a lot of interaction with its audience. The viewers basically had to fill in any empty space. Take I Love Lucy for example; Picture Lucy and her dear lover Desi, the camera is focused on them but you see a blur of something in the background. You’re not sure what it is but your brain tells you it’s a broom and suddenly the broom is clear to see. Our brains naturally fill in all the empty space.

The interviewer expands the bounds of debate when questioning Mcluhan’s famous theory “the medium is the message”. If the medium is not so much of the content then how did Hitler become so famous? Mcluhan assures him that content does matter but it’s role is subordinate. Whether Hitler was evil or good, some other “demagog” would have taken Hitler’s place. Mcluhan’s point is that the Germans were retribalizing and looking for some sort of change.

So how is this all affecting us? How is this a betterment for society? The interviewer dives into that when asking Mcluhan how television is reshaping our political institutions. For which Mcluhan responds that TV is revolutionizing every political system in the Western world, creating a new type of national leader.

Common questions about Marshall Mcluhan

Evolving Media as Forecasted by McLuhan

Stephanie M Espinosa

Held Assumptions

McLuhan presents a comparison of commonly held believes concerning media assumptions while noting how a dynamic aspect of media depends heavily on the quality of content. McLuhan is more inclined to the quality of media landscape. McLuhan introduces strong ideas of dynamic media, in fact, strongly overseeing the presence of social media, which was in existence at the time (Engler and Alpar, 2017).

But does he challenge them?

Expanding McLuhan Findings

McLuhan is more inclined to personal liberal media as compared to the blanket media. As early as 1964, McLuhan prophetically oversaw that media was a different industry, driven by a high rate of information sharing. He draws much of his example to printed media, as those times best channels of information sharing Playboy Magazine (1969) which draws lessons on future knowledge structures. Dutton and Reisdorf (2017) reinforce McLuhan ideas noting the emergence of a media culture, where sharing new and diverse content on a free basis presents an emerging global culture. McLuhan did not however educate on which path would be used to get to social media where media is controlled by user as suggested below.

But does he expand the bounds of debate?



Figure 1: McLuhan Maze on Media Journey


Creating a Better Society

McLuhan for sees a liberal society where individuals are free to speak their ideas through the media. As noted again, McLuhan did not oversee a digital age, information sharing, with outlets such as Facebook, Wikipedia or YouTube dominating the scene of information. As well, he had not for thought the presence of search engine chrome, such as Google, however, he had forethought on an age where accessing information would maximum heavily educating individuals.

But does he aim for the betterment of society?

Web page to read more about McLuhan and his ideas


You didn’t really answer any of the assigned questions.

Works Cited

Dutton, William H., and Bianca C. Reisdorf. “Cultural Divides And Digital Inequalities: Attitudes Shaping Internet And Social Media Divide.” Information, Communication & Society (2017): 1-21. Web.

Engler, Tobias H., and Paul Alpar. “Contribution And Consumption Of Content In Enterprise Social Media.” Information Systems Management (2017): n. pag. Web. “Marshall McLuhan: Old Versus New Assumptions.” Farnam Street. N.p., Accessed on, 9 Sept. 2018, from

Mywebcowtube, Marshall McLuhan Full lecture: The medium is the message – 1977 part 1 v 3. 2011, Retrieved September 9th, 2018 from

Mcluhan’s Ideology

Braudy De Jesus Castillo

The Mchluhan Playboy interview is emphasized in questioning the assumption that the medium plays a more predominant role than the content in shaping our environment. McLuhan opened the bounds of debate by evoking historical evidence that support his statement. For example, He argued that Hitler’s execution of genocide was inexorably achieved due to the use of the radio to conduct his speech which impacted men with the implementation of new technology. The use of the medium by Hitler constituted a behavior that gave new form for the establishment of a new environment in the German society. The implementation of Nationalism is a great illustration supporting McLuhan’s assumption. Nationalism became institutionalized due to the invention of the telegraph were people could have a great deal of information from distinctive social groups. These information induced them to strive for separation to conserve their identities. Marshall’s goal is to make people understand the vertiginous transformation caused by new media and its implications. Being more cognizant of our control over the electronic medium is an epitome of preventing us from becoming their slaves. McLuhan implicitly indicated that the more educated we are in terms of the continue change of our environment, the more chances we have to prevent sadness and anxiety.

You didn’t address all the questions in the assignment, and you’re missing the hyperlink.

Assignment 1: A Failure in Memory

Our memories contain information that is either useful or can end up providing only misinformation and confusion. Thesis doesn’t tie in rhetoric.

The two authors of the article begin their case by bringing up an incident where Neil Degrasse Tyson misremembered a quote that President George W. Bush said regarding the 9/11 terrorist attack. Dr. Tyson was so sure of himself that what he remembered was correct, but was ultimately defeated by the amount of evidence that was provided to him. This then leads to the two authors referencing studies done. With one having to do with how confidence in memory could or could not lead to said memory being more accurate, and the other study of an experiment similar to the “telephone” game. The authors then more or less end on the point that recalling our memories should never be used as definitive evidence especially if there is actual real evidence that goes against it. Don’t need this much summary. Please go straight to analysis.

Throughout the article the two authors rely more so on facts and studies and the use of logos in general to get their points across. They also provide quotes as well as plenty of examples which make them seem more credible. Their tone is a serious one with the intent of being informative as shown by all those examples on how/when our memories fail us. Analysis of the article is rather shallow.

Regarding the first reader pick comment, it was written by Dr. Tyson himself, so I believe Avoid first-person whenever possible, especially terms like ‘I believe’. that the reason it is recommended by so many is just because he is famous and mentioned within the article itself. He really doesn’t have a point whatsoever, he just linked two of his own Facebook posts regarding the issue. So I would say that that is all the use of ethos. The next comment is a combination if logos and pathos, since it is all about providing examples on how Bush is not intelligent. He provides quotes, a link, and the tone of the post itself carries pathos How so?. The third and final post is a post that uses pathos the most. It is the writer’s experiences with people not recalling their memories correctly and it is about people making mistakes in general.

I do believe that the New York Times approach to ranking comments is effective because the editor will pick out the comments that are the “best” in regards to the article itself. The website also enables the readers to pick out the best comments as well so as long as the website uses both options then it’s fine. I don’t think it is needed though because no other website that I use with comments has this sort of structure. All those other websites just have the readers top comments and that’s it.

This essay doesn’t clearly connect concepts from the article and comments with rhetoric. Please keep in mind that concise writing is valued in this class.